Monday, February 19, 2007

What's A LUG?

LUGs, or Linux User Groups, have long been an integral part of the Free Software Movement. Linux enthusiasts and those interested in learning more about Linux would meet, share ideas, install software, help each other and in general promote Linux. While Linux was the primary focus, other FLOSS products were supported in sub-groups.

Many LUGs have achieved significant name recognition (this is sometimes known as "branding").

With the growth of FLOSS and the multi-platform nature of so much FLOSS, it is apparent that FLOSS needs to carry it's own banner.

FLOSS is now the umbrella which covers not only Linux, but also Apache, MySQL, PHP, Python,, GIMP, Blender, and so many others. However the need does exist to align closely with the LUG community and create a cohesive entity.

One possibility it to change slightly the LUG programs by switching Linux User Groups to Libre User Groups. The term Libre (from the Latin work Liber) conveys the "free as in freedom" concept of FLOSS. This modification is a natural outgrowth which builds upon the LUG foundation and allows for expansion within an already existing organization to include not only Linux, but all the pieces of the FLOSS pie.

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